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A Challenge for Life Coaches

I’ve been lucky to include as clients several life coaches. Our time together has been elevating, inspiring, and educational. Each coach offers a unique experience, and their clients are lucky to have them.

But here’s something I’ve observed and a challenge for all coaches and consultants out there:

Every coach brings their special something to what they offer, helping their target clients down a path of significance. But the language used to describe this path is often similar and generic. A sameness in vocabulary permeates coaching websites and social streams. I’m surmising the terminology comes from a standardized accrediting or certification system. Standards are necessary, but it’s only a baseline.

When you include these words (and they are all good words), I want you to picture me (there I am, sitting across from you) asking the How and What and Why surrounding these words.

The answers are the key to attracting the best-suited clients for your particular offering.

What does it look like to your clients when you talk about receiving abundance? How will they know when they have it?

What do you mean by claiming your power? What will happen? Why does it matter?

How do your clients define living their best life?

Answering these questions will help uncover the additional words needed to attract the people most likely to benefit from what you offer.

The best writing advice I have received is this: details are the difference between good writing and great writing. You’re not eating a sandwich; you’re eating a BLT on toast with the juice from the summer tomato starting to drip down your wrist.

Check your work. Describe “the sandwich.” Let me know if you need help.

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