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Don't Hold Back on Your Significance.

You started your business with a vision, a flame, a powerful sense of purpose. Think back to those days...the moments of glimmering thoughts that led to coffee chats with like-minded friends that led to a business plan. And finally, FINALLY, after months and months of planning and worrying and doubting, you rose above your fears and LAUNCHED your business. Why? Because you knew you could improve lives. LIVES.

Think about that moment in combination with how you currently describe what you do. Are you still communicating that power? Maybe the vision has become lost in the details. Or perhaps you've minimized your impact on the world because of creeping self-doubt. It can happen, but January is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you communicate your significant impact - because it is incredibly significant.

Your unapologetic dreaming is a story that deserves to be heard. It's your essence; your reason for working so hard. The language you use should reflect this. If you are struggling with the right words, identifying that significance, let me help.

It's not about creating someone new; it's remembering who you are.


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