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Have You Set Your New Moon Intentions?

A client asked me the significance of the New Moon after reading a recent Instagram post of mine. I explained that it’s a quiet moment in space and time to set a monthly goal before the Moon starts to grow in illumination. For my clients it’s particularly powerful, as they are in different stages of “Becoming.”

My clients fall into three categories: prelaunch, first year or two in business, or restructuring and refocusing based on their prior experiences. They are becoming into their own, just like the Moon as it grows from New Moon to Full Moon.

With each day, my clients are making decisions based on their intention, guided by the Soul Alignment work we do together. They, themselves, are growing in illumination. Becoming brighter and brighter as they introduce or reintroduce themselves to the world.

Recognize and celebrate you are in a continual state of Becoming (verb). And, therefore, you are Becoming (adjective).


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