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Introducing the Story Bio!

It’s a new year - time to give your About page a glow-up! Let’s do away with the pedantic listing of previous jobs, executive appointments, and business associations. Whoever stayed up late reading a resume? It’s time to turn your bio into a relatable and compelling experience - the Story Bio.

Story is the ability to enter another person’s psyche and show them what’s possible. It’s the most influential form of human connection. Story creates a magical clarity that pulls people in.

Trying to include all your stories, everything about your career, into one bio doesn’t work. We’ve all tried, ending up with the “and then, and then, and then” narrative.

You only have a minute or two to connect with your perfect client. Let me draft the Story Bio that will present your most authentic self. Readers take notice when they feel a story is true, and it’s what will stir them to take action.

I create Story Bios based on the tried and true tenets of The Moth Radio Hour and Podcast, a nonprofit dedicated to the art of storytelling.

* The story needs to be true

* It involves stakes and a transformation

* It happens within a specific timeframe

Working together, we’ll use these tenets to reveal your most significant story - your journey and the choices you made to come to the place you are now as a business owner. Your Story Bio will give inspiration and courage to the clients who need you most.

I recently revamped my own bio into a Story Bio. Check it out here.

Let’s go through your mental scrapbook together to uncover your transformational journey and create your Story Bio! Contact me through my website or at


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