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It's Time for Feminine Leadership

This past March I wrote about power, what it means, and how its definition shifts depending on what’s happening in the world. Emerging from a pandemic, I suggested the need for people in power to speak softly and to allow space for not-quite-so-perfect outcomes.

More recently I wrote about having fun with language, inviting all of us to invent words that describe the positive work we do each day.

So where’s all this leading? A new definition of power. New words to describe our joyful impact.

It’s about Feminine Leadership. It’s not about gender, per se, but it does mean leaning into the attributes usually considered womanly. And by that I mean kind and loving communication, demonstrated throughout history by sage men and women both. (No gender-bashing here. After all, the first victim of toxic masculinity is a boy.)

Take the time to examine the language in your content. It’s okay to let go of the patriarchal language you thought business content required. The days of hustle culture are dissipating. Business-neutral language won’t inspire today’s prospect.

What’s your tone? I encourage you, men and women alike, to embrace Feminine Leadership by communicating with heart. No need to hold back on warm, cozy, comforting words. We need to hear them now more than ever.

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