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Show the Outtakes

This past summer I gathered with junior high friends, many I had not seen in 45 years. It was a remarkable thing to experience because I realized the two seemingly distanced time periods (junior high and about to turn 60) share similar qualities. Junior high was all braces and chicken pox. Now it’s gray hair and middle-aged weight gain. For both of these moments in time, there was no room for vanity, nor pretense, nor lying. We lived in the outages - the silly, goofy, and ridiculous - the freedom to be our true selves.

And with freedom comes pure joy.

And joy was felt, as we laughed until we cried, because there was nothing but love and

friendship and bonds that will prevail as our hair turns even more gray.

So reach for those reading glasses when the menu arrives, and bring that spirit, that realness, to your own business. Market your true self and experience the joy.

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