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What’s in a picture? About the artwork on my website

Did you notice the fantastic splashes of color and brush strokes throughout the Define website? They are from three paintings that are very important to me. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the paintings, why I chose them, and the talented artists who created them.

"In the Kitchen with Lori" by Marcia Hermann

Oh my gosh, where do I start? Marcia and I worked together at Mullen Advertising a long time ago. I remember the day I visited her studio and put down some cash to purchase this painting. (Thanks for the Mullen discount, Marcia!). It’s been over 25 years now, and this painting has been with me through a couple of different moves, starting my own business (a few times) and raising a family. I love this painting because I do my best writing in my kitchen - a new definition of woman’s work. For all the women who have turned their kitchens into commercial bakeries, art studios, law offices, writing havens, and craft centers - this painting is your painting too!

"Cherries" by Jenny Andrews Anderson

One part of my career that I’m immensely proud of is being part of the leadership at Matter Communications. This painting hung in my office and imbued the space with energy, creativity, and joy. Jenny loves to see how colors will work together, and I think that should inspire our work as well. How will we work together? I’m optimistic! Let’s give it a try! So many conversations took place in front of this painting with talented, smart professionals bringing their best selves to work every day and yet still looked for guidance on how to be better. I wish every one of those professionals continued success!

"The Road to Middlebury" by Henry Isaacs

Well, I guess this painting means I’ve returned to my proverbial home, as it hangs in my kitchen, my new office for me new business, Define. What is it about a kitchen that buoys my writing? It feeds my head and my soul, I suppose. Anyway, this burst of nature’s colors is from a road called the Bristol Mountain Pass. Anyone traveling between Boston and Middlebury, VT knows this secret way. I grew up in Middlebury, and to have a painting that leads back to my childhood home and to the place I exchanged vows with my husband is incredibly grounding. It’s my alter to Home, however you may define it.

I was a studio art major in college and only switched to writing after my children were born. But art and words go hand-in-hand, one informing the other. If you are ever feeling stuck in your work, whatever your occupation, walk to a gallery or visit a museum. Your heart and brain will be freed.

Thank you to the artists who permitted me to include their paintings on the Define website. It means more than you know. Well, actually, you know now.

Dear reader, what artwork is hanging in your office? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Unknown member
Jul 07, 2021

Oh my, I LOVE these paintings, especially the cherries. The artwork in my office is comprised of 3 Chinese calligraphy letters, written in black on red diamonds, that all mean "luck". They were created and gifted to me by a talented young woman from China. If I could have a piece of art, it might be Franz Marc's "Blue Horses". I saw this image for the first time in an art history class in my freshmen year at college and it continues to send waves of delight and inspiration through me to this day.

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