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joyful brand positioning for business owners and corporate executives

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You have 15 seconds to tell the world why you matter.

What will you say? The answer is in how you position yourself and your personal brand - the words you choose to communicate the essence of your story. It's why you created your path and who you are here to serve. It's how you attract the people you want to work with, and it inspires your explorations, conversations, and decisions.

Attention spans are shorter than ever. The world is more distracted each day. Yet, the need for connection has never been more vital. I produce words that reflect your loving intelligence, business purpose, and brilliant joy. 


Are you communicating the heart and soul of your role in the here and now? Let's make sure!


Now is the time to define you and your business as a captivating and meaningful offering in this new world, and with a bit of wordcraft and a little witchcraft, I can help.


I waited until today to do an "unveiling" for myself and I am truly blown away. You have such an amazing gift and such a talent. WOW - I love it! Thank you!  No way would I have ever been able to do this for myself!

- Kim R.

You did magic, Jennifer. You have a gift!

- Jane A.

Hire her - there is no one smarter, brighter, more insightful or passionate. Having Jennifer by your side is the absolute best it gets. 

- Deb C.

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