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About Me

I want to hear your story!


I work with service-based entrepreneurs and those who are ready to take the leap and pursue their passions. Each one comes to me with a beautiful story that goes beyond WHAT they offer into WHY. Your story is the heartbeat of your business and it’s what makes your clients choose you over your competition.


My magic (I’m called the Word Witch for a reason) is weaving your story into a powerful brand definition that mirrors who you are and how you want to serve.


When I say magic…


Allow me to introduce myself!

(aka The Word Witch)...

Drinking cold brew and casting copywriting spells in 15 words or less

My story begins with a ghost and a witch.

After marrying my husband, we moved into a 200-year-old New England home occupied by sea captains throughout the 1800s. Shortly after having our third child, we began hearing footsteps in the hall and doors opening and closing, often in the middle of the night. My husband, a man of science, would get up to inspect the situation, but never found the source of the disturbance. 

As serendipity would have it, the midwife who assisted our births was also a psychic channeler. I know! Crazy, right? She fit the part of a benevolent witch perfectly, with long gray hair and a pagan name, "Cricket." 

We gathered for a channeling session in our living room to find out if, indeed, we had a ghost. Sure enough, a spirit of an older woman from the late 1800s came forward. She was a sea captain’s wife. Very polite. It turns out she was checking on the children and apologized for any intrusion.

Our witch asked if we wanted to know anything else while she was on the psychic phone, so to speak. I asked about the children, naturally, and then asked if there was anything I should be doing that I wasn’t currently. The answer was definitive and kind of bossy. “Write!” She exclaimed. Okay, weird. 

I mean, as someone in public relations, I was already writing for some of the biggest brands in the world (Apple, The Body Shop, Motorola, The Muppets, Polartec, Hewlett Packard). 

But her directive sent me in a personal and creative direction that allowed me to discover my own witchcraft. How’d it go, you ask? 

Well, I became an award-winning writer and author. I wrote a humor column for several years and wrote four children's books, including an Amazon bestseller. I won a national contest for Best First Line to a Literary Work and was named Best Humor Writer by the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop.  


So thanks to a ghost and a witch, I discovered my true passion and my most authentic self. 


With Define, I help business owners share their magic and their story with the world. 

Ready to get started? 



If you’re into Myers-Briggs, I’m an INFJ — the rarest profile that makes up only 1 to 3 percent of the population. What’s that mean for you? In short, I’m an introverted advocate with strong intuitive abilities. I stand by your side, pay close attention to patterns related to human nature, and can translate idealism into action.

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